Why should a birthday be celebrated?

Birthday celebrations might actually be the validation of the progress made, but it might also be the mental indicator that a new chapter is beginning and that a transformation of the person has to take place.

When we are young, birthdays are important because of the many changes that happen in a short time: physical, mental, developmental changes. When we become adults, birthdays seem to be just an indicator that you are one year older. That is a shame, because not changing from one social classification to another doesn’t mean that you are exempt from transforming your mind.

The celebration of a birthday might be the culmination of the month of reflection and expectation leading up to that day. It’s the individualized version of New Years Day.

Why should a birthday be celebrated? I don’t have a definitive answer. It might be one of these answers. It might be all of these answers. It might be a reason that is completely different from what is stated.

What do you, whoever has read this post to this post, thinks about the reason a birthday is celebrated? Please feel free to write your thoughts in the comment section.


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