INTJ blog post content patterns.

I recently noticed that my blog posts seems to be repetitive in content. They are based on a topic, which seems to roam in my mind a number of days each. I know that this is my blog, so the content is mainly my choice.

It seems that content creation for blogs, especially personal blogs, seems to be dependent to what happens in the life of the blogger… in the mind of the blogger. It seems that content creation may be repetitive. Maybe it’s because we content creators (especially INTJ content creators) publish our content as it emerges in our mind, even if some of it might be repetitive.

I wonder if some academic specializing in the human mind is willing to do a research study analyzing the topic patterns of bloggers and see if the results can be correlated it to the thought producing patterns of the human mind.

The analytical process in my INTJ mind has a similarity to how cows eat grass. I process a topic once, then I let it go. After a while the topic emerges from my subconscious, where I analyze it again to see if there is a different perspective to explore. Sometimes there is, sometimes there isn’t. Whatever comes out of this process gets stored in my mind. This process continues until I feel that I have arrived to a satisfactory answer (even if it’s just for the moment).

Blogging is the way that one shows the product of one’s analytical work. It’s a process of courage and vulnerability, even if we are “hiding” in front of the computer. It’s a risk if the data get’s to someone that can screw with our offline lives from which our content derives from. Blogging is one strategy that an INTJ can use to use their ideas as a way to satisfy their need to act upon their ideas.


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