Celebrating Birthdays when you are not “popular”.

I have been raised with the data that most people that interact with me do so with selfish intentions. As my other 24 birthdays have come and gone, I have noticed that fewer and fewer people contact me on my birthday. I wonder if with each year and changing social situation the result would be different. The answer is yes, but not necessarily in an awaited manner.

The people that contact me and that plan to celebrate my birthday have changed. In my family, birthdays were celebrated when my father returned home from work with a Baskin Robins cookies and cream ice cream cake. When I left my parent’s house, things changed.

I like to think that birthdays were celebrated as an adult in a by myself fashion because then I don’t feel an emotion that is as negative.

Now I realize how little the rest of the people in my surroundings actually cares because, to them, it is just another day. The family tradition served as a buffer for the fact that birthdays when one is not popular is a lonely event.


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