Why I write… well type, really.

I recently saw a blog post that was tittle “Why I write” by Serenity Now. It’s a nice post with 11 likes. It made me wonder why I write. Because of my INTJ thought process, I shortly realized that I rarely write the posts on paper (most of the time I do write my posts in paper I just write a rough draft). The action of writing a blog post itself is a typing action. So the literal answer to this question is that I don’t write. I type.

Why do I type? The literal answer would be to make the letters that the key says appear on the screen. Another literal answer is because I can and I take the time to do it.

A more deep philosophical answer is because I think that I have something to say that I hope that someone else wants to hear. I want to feel like an intellectual contributor to society, though I might not bring anything really innovative to the intellectual… arena? The judger of that is actually the reader, because the feeling of receiving an innovative idea happens in the mind of the reader, not mine. I just go through the process of writing a blog post.

As a part of my Health Education Supervised Practice, I had to become a bit of an expert in the use of technology in adolescents. I found a list of possible reasons for adolescents using social media. (Li & Bernoff (2009), cited by Gurpegui, 2012)

  1. Maintain contact with their friends
  2. Make new friends
  3. Succumb to the social pressure of friends
  4. Give a favor to the others
  5. Altruist impulse
  6. The impulse to exhibit who they are
  7. The creative impulse
  8. The impulse for validation
  9. The impulse for affinity

When I saw this list I tried to distance myself from it through my Practice. But I can’t deny it. I had a Facebook account that I used for some of these reasons. I would post jokes and funny stories… until that got me into trouble offline and I had to delete it. The lesson that I learned was to keep my online life away from my offline life, less trouble that way.

Why do I type? Because it’s a low cost, easy, and accessible (to me) means to get my voice out in the world. Because I can find out if the contents of my mind are more common than the offline world sells me that they are. Because I act on the potential to influence and be of impact to someone else. Because it’s a more productive use of my free time. Because I can be what I want. Because I don’t have to sensor myself. Because of my selfish desires.


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