It’s official! I am 25 years old.

First of, I want to start saying that the time zone used in wordpress seems to not be the one used in Puerto Rico. So today here is September 14, 2015, 10:25am.

I have been lead to think that my birthday is something to be exited about… until I realize that most of the people around you aren’t close enough to you to remember your birthday.

I also realized that the days and weeks before are more exiting than the day of. There’s more reflection of my past and how good and not so good it has been.

The actual Birthday is another day everywhere else except in the minds of those that were born on that day (or where told that they were born on that day).

I get to celebrate the progress that I have made. I get to celebrate that I haven’t died or lost any quality of life. I get to enjoy the current state while looking forward to my future. I get to thank God for the process of my life and the result so far.

I get to have a sensation that I still can’t fully understand. Happiness with the desire to not show it, with the idea that it’s all a egotistical attitude.

I’m 25 years old, though I don’t really feel like I’m 25 because I just started to have the age rank.


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