INTJs reaction to creepy human behavior.

About 50% of the people I interact with partake in some form of creepy human behavior. The message that I receive I react to a perceived creepy human behavior is that I am wrong in my perception because I am reacting to normal human behavior. They try to make me look bad, but I guess that those people still haven’t gotten an all encompassing memo: People suck. I don’t know who invented the standard for inappropriate creepy behavior, but whoever did it left a lot of creepy behaviors out.

I do understand that because of my sensory problems I have a lower level of tolerance for creepy, personal space reducing behavior. However, there are some instances where I am willing to tolerate otherwise creepy behavior under certain human dynamic contracts.

Being a part of my inner circle means whoever is in it have earned certain privileges. For the rest of humanity, reacting like you have those certain privileges when you haven’t earned it is a sin against me. You (and/or the version of you that is in my head) will be punished.

As an INTJ. I don’t always react externally to creepy human behavior. Inwardly, though, my reaction can be very different. It can be affected by who the other person is and the context in which an action is done.


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