Genetics are very powerful.

When I meet someone that knows some members of my family or when they meet someone that knows me, the other person always comment on how alike we are. This is even more true when the comparison is between me and my oldest brother.

To understand why this is interesting to me, our differences have to be taken into consideration. My oldest brother and I were raised in different generations and in different families.

  1. He was born in the late 70s and I was born in 1990 (I am the youngest in my family).
  2. My parents weren’t Christians when he was a child, but they were in my childhood.
  3. My parents were also in different economic status when he was a child in comparison to when I was a child because my father was starting his career when my brother was a child and when I was born my father was already successful in his profession.
  4. My brother had a physically healthy mother in his childhood, I had a progressively ailing mother.
  5. He and I started at the same school, but I transferred schools after first grade because I didn’t speak much Spanish (I don’t think that I truly believe that to be the case).

Despite these differences, we do have a lot of similarities.

  1. We both were active in the church’s youth group of our respective times (I still am).
  2. We both developed the same sense of humor.
  3. We both have the same mannerisms (or so I’ve been told).
  4. We both have the genes for the ability to play sports and music (which I believe they are genes that come from my father’s side and mighty be located in the same area of the same chromosome).
  5. Both my brother and I are in the music ministry of our respective churches; he plays piano, guitar, and base, and I play drums, congas, piano, and guitar (depending on what is needed at a particular time).
  6. We are both very analytical and methodical in our thought process and execution.
  7. We are both relatively ambidextrous, even though he is naturally left handed and I am naturally right handed. I did train myself to do certain things left handed, but there are some things that I do naturally as a left handed person.

My mother would say that her kids came in two chapters (3 in the 70s and 2 in the late 80s and 1990). She would tell me that me and my oldest brother were alike and that my oldest sister and the brother that came before me were more alike. Now that everyone is an adult, I can see how right she was (though I would never tell her that).

Taking into account our stark differences, we ended up with similar results. This is why when I’m told that I look like my oldest brother, I tend to respond saying that genetics are really powerful.


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