Youth thought process.

My church’s teacher’s class teacher said last night at the teacher’s class that youth doesn’t want to sing old hymns because it’s oldie stuff, choosing instead to sing new stuff because it’s cool. The tone in her voice was that youth in church have the wrong mentality and a complete disregard for “tradition”.  She even went on to say that today’s lyrical content isn’t as elevated in quality as the hymns of yesteryear. I as a young adult felt that it made wrong everything that I stand for and it doesn’t portray the fullness of the youth mentality. I also saw that the 4 young people were externally silent because if we spoke our perspective we would get ostracized by the adult majority.

This external stimulant made me think of my thought process as a young person and why it’s right by looking at my thought process.

  1. Young people have a desire and a “calling” to bring about innovation. We want to be different from those that came before us (even if it is just to ourselves).  We want to leave a legacy of coolness and innovation.
  2. Our thought process doesn’t completely disregard oldie style. Young people actually have to understand and respect “oldie style” to be able to innovate successfully. I guess the older generation didn’t get that memo.
  3. Most innovation in churches come from young people, not from adults. So to me it seems paradoxical that the adult generation is trying to destroy the one thing that will attract people from the outside world.
  4. Young people want to express who they are- young people- through what they do, how they portray themselves, and what they expose themselves to. They want to find what fits them: what is cool, feels that fits the style they want to adopt as their own, and can help them become what they want to be.

I know that as a young person I have a limited mentality, but I think that our reaction to our environment is not as wrong as it is commonly sold. If the adults feel they have a right to impose young people the oldie style as righteous and the standard, then we young people should have the right to expect the adult to have an open mind to appreciate what we have to bring and respect that this is our style… even if it only last the span of years that we are young.


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