Was Health Education right for me?

Before I had considered Health Education as a Profession, I wanted to go to med school. What made me consider health education was catalyzed by the realization that med school wasn’t a viable option. I know that this path that I have taken is God approved because of how backed by God it has been since before I entered.

  1. I chose this path a semester and a half before graduating, which meant that I had the last semester to take the credits that I needed to qualify for the master’s degree. I only had one credit left on my biology requirements, which meant that this crazy change of plans could be accommodated no problem. I was able to do everything that I wanted and needed in that last semester. I took my one biology credit in research. I took the basketball course. The psychology class, which I thought I wasn’t going to be able to take given the Health Education requirements, came in the form of a Philosophical Foundations of Education course that I took with a philosopher that gave the class as a philosophy course than a education course. Not only that, I got As in all of the classes that I took that semester (that never happened until then).
  2. I had to take the EXADEP, the Spanish version of GRE. I didn’t pay attention to the deadline, so I missed it. I thought that I would have to wait a year to go to graduate school, but I found a way to possibly take the test (with about $40 charge). Even though I had to pay more for the test (way more, since I accidentally payed $10 more than I should have because of a calculation error), I was able to take it.
  3. I also didn’t really study for the exam. I was prepared for a failing grade, but I actually got a really good score (Graduate School good).
  4. My application was done with a screw it, crappy mentality. It was my plan B. For some bizarre reason, I was called by the University to remind me to pay the application fee (Oops) because I had a good chance of getting called back. Some time later I got contacted for an interview.
  5. The interview sucked. I couldn’t remember the questions. I improvised the answers. I din’t know what I was doing. I had to write an essay on a Health Education topic and I had no idea where to begin. I felt that I bit off more than I could chew. A month and a half later I got a letter from the program that I had been accepted.
  6. I went through the process in fear that I wasn’t cut out for graduate school. God used my last month in my bachelor’s degree to show me that I indeed was cut put for graduate school.

As I went through the Health Education courses, I started to see myself in the field as a professional. I also saw how vital this profession is in the church.

There were times when the leadership in the church would make a plan to do something on x day and then the professors at the master’s degree would announce that something was on the x day at the same time. I would pray to God with these words: “I don’t want both of these events to be at the same day and time, but that I would deal if they were. But you know that if these events stay at conflicting times then I would have to choose academics.” A few days later, one of the two would announce that they changed the date of the activity. This was cool. I saw God rearrange my schedule so that neither my academics or my church responsibilities would be severely affected. I felt that I had “main character powers”, like my brother would say. I felt how my heavenly father showed support for my commitment to him and my academics, and how advanced my relationship was with him.

It was a surprise to me how responsible I was. I was able to hand in my Health Education proposals before most of my classmates after the first concentration trimester. God gave me astounding time management skills and efficiency skills. My Health Education Practice Supervisor once commented that I had started my final report for my Health Education Supervised Practice Project weeks before the other students had shown signs of doing so (which was more because I was never able to do a part of the proposed project than having excellent time management, but I’ll take it).

I grew spiritually because of my Master’s degree. I learned so much about God, myself, my environment, and beyond. That’s priceless!

This is the data that allows me to certify in my mind that I have no doubt that Health Education was the right path for me. (Now I just have to find a job in the field.)


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