Preaching as a Christian INTJ Health Educator.

Yesterday, my “In probation adoptive father” gave a sermon that I rated as too simple, but with a potential to had been innovative if given right. After I sent him my feedback by email, I realized that I was using the innovation construct of the Theory of Diffusion of Innovation as a criteria for a awesome sermon.

I do admit that there are different ways of doing a sermon, but I think that every sermon has to have an innovative concept or an innovative sounding concept. One of the sermons that were given in my church was given by a missionary that was about the idea that one as a Christian should walk by faith regardless of what happens because we have a heavenly father that reacts in our favor. This sermon was testimony based, like any sermon given by a missionary. What I liked about this sermon is that the innovative idea was used to give meaning to the seemingly different testimonies that this preacher gave. It was given as a story, which is a style that is universally liked and attract attention of the audience.

If your sermon is more “theoretical” in nature, then I think that a sermon should build up to your innovative concept. I like the way the way that Simon Sinek portrays how should you sell an innovative idea to inspire action (you can check the video by clicking the following link:


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