INTJness greeting.

Greetings are not my favorite part of the interaction, especially if I there isn’t an official positive human dynamic context with the other person.

I prefer non contact greetings.

A friendly slap on the shoulder or the top part of the back is good.

I prefer a hand shake over kissing. I feel a connection to the other person when I shake their hand. It’s also perceived by me as more masculine to shake hands than to kiss the other person.

I don’t like it when someone kiss me in the cheek. Human contact plus saliva equal grossly intimate contact. To try to gross people away, I started to fake sneeze when I got kissed. Didn’t work. Just became part of my shtick. Adolescents and adults alike started to imitate because it was cool.

The best type of greeting for me to do is to prank the other person. It feels powerful.


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