Becoming an Adult in Christ.

I have been going to church ever since I was an egg and sperm in my parents bodies… maybe not sperm, because my father became a Christian after I was born. I became a Christian at the age of 13. I was baptized at 14. I have been active in the youth group of my church since I was 14. I became a musician at 18, though I started playing music in youth group activities since I was 16. On January 2013, at the age of 22, God told me 2 things in Spanish (I translated them as best as I could):

  1. Your time as a simple youth group member is over.
  2. Prepare yourself because something big is going to happen.

When I heard this from God, I had two reactions:

  1. This day I became an adult in Christ. Not because of the church told me, but because God told me himself.
  2. I will get to fulfill the purpose that God has for me.

I didn’t know what was my purpose. God hadn’t revealed it. To this day, I still have no clear picture of what I will do. All I know is that it’s not just the music ministry. I feel this to be true in my spirit and in my being. As I have walked into my adult life in Christ, I have seen the substance of my calling.

  1. I have seen my calling to be a mentor. God has told me to take two young people as my “disciples”. One is for development in the music ministry, where God gave me an Acts 16:1-3 experience. The other is more subtle. Seems to be more about life skills than music, but I have secretly wanted to put him in charge of the sound system in youth group activities. I am responsible to God for the well-being of those that He puts under my care.
  2. I have seen my calling to “father” a generation of musicians. One youth group service at my church I had a “especial” (a music related participation between the devotional and the sermon) with adolescents that was an instrumental of Marcos Witt’s song “Yo te busco”, where every participant was playing an instrument. God gave me the perception in my spirit and my being that I was going to have to be the one to bring the new generation of musicians, even though I am not a “professional” and I have less experience as a musician than my fellow musicians.
  3. I have seen the substance of the fulfillment of my desire to preach (which God has allowed me to do twice since becoming an adult.) the Gospel and to teach (I have given two class sessions, one in Puerto Rico and one in the Dominican Republic). To be honest, I always had the desire to teach in the smaller of the two Gentlemen’s class at my Sunday School and be like a spiritual military leader to them.
  4. I have seen the potential in me to use my profession in the fulfillment of my calling.
  5. I am becoming more than a simple musician.

I have also seen some other things happen to me since then.

  1. I have seen a shift in my role and my status in the church, even though the leadership of my church are too blind to see it. This is where I have more trouble in my church, since in God’s eyes (and mine) I am an adult but for everyone else I am just that church member that they have always seen. I know that I can take on responsibility and to have other’s in my care, but I am passed for “promotion” for sometimes less experienced and less educated members.
  2. I have become an attractive choice for social contact for the church demographics that I want to work with.
  3. What I do is suddenly cool now.
  4. I have become an example of what a young person in the church should be.
  5. I have seen God work on me directly. A stark difference from my time as a simple youth group member, where most of what God told me came from other people.
  6. I have evolved as a Christian. I am more mature.
  7. I am more in tune with church politics.
  8. I have found the social circle that God wanted for me all along.
  9. I am taking things more seriously than I did when I wasn’t an adult.

It’s interesting how much one’s life can change when God says that it’s time. I became an adult in Christ after a year where I didn’t feel spiritual, where I felt that I was screwing up in ways that I thought that God was going to do with me what He did with Saul. I felt that God wasn’t there, more because of my wrongdoings than because God was testing my resiliency. I became an adult after a year of transition and apparent failure, where I didn’t want to work to progress in my faith because I wanted to rest from the work that I had put the years prior. God, in His mercy, instead of letting me go He worked with my resistance to reduce it to a minimum. He got me working in my Christian life again, which got me to a whole new level of interaction with God. I still screw up every once in a while. If I didn’t I wouldn’t be human. But I am closer to God and I am walking closer to the fulfillment of my calling.

This is how I have become an adult in Christ.


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