Last nights (August’s 30) Bible read.

Last night, I read Deuteronomy 17. The first part of the chapter was a repetition of sacrifices to be done on holy days, no shock there. The real gem of this chapter es in the second part of the chapter, where God, through Moses, gives instructions as to how to react when the time came when the Israelite’s asked for a King. What? Talk about a kingdom when the Israelite’s hadn’t even conquered Canaan? I was… intellectually stimulated while and after reading this chapter, because I was making the connections between this chapter and the part of Israel’s history where Kings rule. I was amazed in how detailed the instructions were… and how much did the Israelite Kings departed from it. It was astonishing to see that God revealed the rules of kingship in Israel at this time. I saw how the Israelite Kings departed from the ways of God and praised Baal. I saw how the Kings amassed wives and wealth. How some chose to serve God and how others chose to not serve Him. It was a realization of epic proportion to see that God really doesn’t allow any event in history to take place without giving an indicator of it’s coming. It was a breath of non-contaminated air to see this text in the midst of all the repetition in the book of Deuteronomy.


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