(Simple) Things INTJs Love.

(Simple) Things that INTJs (mainly me) love.

  1. Quiet.
  2. Solitude.
  3. The feeling of the first sip of water going down your esophagus first thing in the mourning.
  4. The feeling of the first sip of Coca Cola going down your esophagus.
  5. Going to my neighborhood Starbucks and have the employees greet me by name and preparing my order just how I like it without having to give specifics about what I want. (this fact about the Puerto Rico Starbucks that I go to was a surprise to my sister when she came to PR to visit).
  6. The process of writing blogs.
  7. Seeing that someone in the blogging world takes their time to read INTJ content.
  8. High mental stimulation from ideas.
  9. Seeing someone learn what you teach.
  10. Learning.
  11. Talking about something that your passionate about…
  12. … and seeing that the other person is genuinely listening to what you are saying.
  13. Spending the day by yourself.
  14. Seeing God’s creation in awe of the greatness and creativity of God Almighty.
  15. Playing music.
  16. Creating something awesome (or at least creating something that you think is awesome).
  17. Making a joke about a situation…
  18. … and getting laughter in return.
  19. Pulling off a good prank…
  20. … and getting the expected reaction in return.
  21. Thinking.
  22. The silence after a party is over.
  23. Relaxing.
  24. Feeling of being a valuable and useful part of a group of people.
  25. Feeling loved without judgement.
  26. Intellectual pursuits.
  27. Tearing important concepts apart.
  28. Being done with a negative aspect of one’s life.
  29. Having direction in life.
  30. Being useful.
  31. Being empowered to be my own person.
  32. Making my own decisions.
  33. Having God on my side.

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