My ideal self.

My ideal self… is there such a thing? As an INTJ, I analyze everything. My thoughts, ideas, ideals, and conclusions are no exception. What is my ideal self? Or better said: What do I ideally want to be? A question that has been in my mind for a while, but hasn’t been answered as sincerely as I would have liked. But really: Is it what I would like to be or is it the optimum manifestation of my true self?

What should I refer my ideal self as? He, She, something else? I decided to call my ideal self It. Why? For one, because I want to. Second of all, I do not think my ideal self should be restricted gender-wise, even though I attribute it a masculine presenting. A gendered ideal self is restraining and I want to choose the ideal person that is right for me, whatever that is.

My ideal self is:

  1. A  masculine self.
  2. Strong.
  3. Independent.
  4. Bold.
  5. Tough.
  6. Has self control.
  7. Protector of that which is important.
  8. A wise and intellectual Christian INTJ-A comedian.
  9. Successful.
  10. Driven.
  11. It’s own person.
  12. It is viewed as the ideal self.
  13. Confident.
  14. Cool.
  15. Calm.
  16. Innovative.
  17. Humble.
  18. At peace with itself.
  19. Valuable.
  20. Appreciated.
  21. Uncensored and free of judgement.
  22. Awesome looking.
  23. Courageous.
  24. Full of awesome thoughts and ideas.
  25. Able to say the right thing at the right time.
  26.  Capable
  27. Able to work through its weakness.
  28. Knowledgeable.
  29. Trustworthy.
  30. Like Jesus.

When I compare this list with who I am in reality, I see that my ideal self is more than what I am and less than what I am at the same time. It is healthy and righteous.

I want to be my ideal self, but I don’t think that my best efforts will get me close to becoming it. My ideal self is too high a standard for me to keep (typical INTJ). I dream of someday becoming my ideal self without ever having the expectation of achieving it.


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