James 4:7-10 in pictures

A week ago I had a youth group retreat where each of us common folk had to prepare a small sermon about a bible verse. I chose to do it in a Health Education format and put it in pictures. I made paintings of the text that was assigned (James 4:7-10), but never used them. Thought it was more fun to have them draw it out. Anyway, this is my interpretation of James 4:7-10.

Note: I am from a Spanish speaking country, so the text is in Spanish.

Therefore submit to God. (Text says: Approach him and speak to him. Fine, Lord. I will do it)

Submit to God

Resist the devil

resistid al diablo

and he will flee from you.

y el huira de nosotros

Draw near to God and He will draw near to you. (Text says: My servant, I wish to speak to you.)

acercaos a Dios

Cleanse your hands, you sinners; (text says: Sinners! I advise that you use water and soap.)


and purify your hearts, (text says: Heart Purifier)

purificador de corazones

you double-minded. (In Spanish it says doble animo)

doble animo

Lament (afligios in Spanish) and mourn and weep!


Let your laughter (The Spanish version says alegria, which means happiness) be turned to mourning

alegria a lloro

and your joy to gloom.

gozo a otra cosa

Humble yourselves in the sight of the Lord, (Text says: -I’m Child of God. -I’m royal priesthood. -I have a calling. -I have what is necessary to fulfill God’s calling. -Without God I’m lost. -Without God I will not accomplish anything significant. -Without God, my calling will not exist. -The key ingredient to fulfill God’s purpose in my life is God. 

humildad 2

and He will lift you up.

Dios exalta

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