When I make a joke and it goes wrong.

As an INTJ, I make jokes about things that I can put in the form of a joke.

Today I made a joke to a whatsapp group about the indiscriminate relay of a church announcement to whoever, which causes me to receive the same message several times. Some people took it as a joke, but the group administrator took it wrong because it screwed with the vision of the group. So he thought it was right to reprimand me in public and in private because of it, and I am sold to everyone as an asshole. I know the truth, though. He sucks. He never stated the “vision” of the group, leaving space for me to say jokes. He can’t take a joke, which is not cool. He tries to be all spiritual and what not, but what he doesn’t realize is that his “spirituality” is really a indicator of his feelings being hurt by something so stupid.

How I, as an INTJ, react when this type of situation happens depends on who it is. If the person is not someone I don’t trust, then I label the other person as incompetent and move on. If he/she is someone that I trust, than I take their reaction into consideration and see if what I did was actually wrong. Depending on the conclusion of that analysis is my reaction.


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