Teaching. It’s the one thing that I have mixed feelings about. At times, I feel that I can be effective in teaching something (I should, given that I’m a Health Education Specialist). Other times, I feel that I might not be so good at it. I do admit that my perception of myself is bipolar in nature, which would explain that this idea is in my mind, but I also think that teaching moments are as much about the teacher’s capacity to teach as it is about the learner and his or her readiness to learn.

When I think of experiences that presents this concept successfully, I think of the day in my organic chemistry lab where I was “taught” to look at a refraction on a machine by the TA (teacher’s assistant) expecting me to do it correctly and then teach it to another student. The TA didn’t teach it correctly and all I was seeing was a orange circle instead of seeing the green ruler that showed the measurement of the refraction of the substance. When I finally got it right, I had to do teach the process to another classmate. So when the next student came, we set up the substance on the machine and I told her to look in the machine. I asked her if she saw a orange circle and the other student said yes. I told her that she needed to raise her sight until she saw a green measurement. She was able to do in 30-45 seconds what took me 5+ min. It was that simple. She got the measurement and went on to teach someone else.

When I teach something, I try to put into understandable words what I want to transmit. As an INTJ, I have to translate what I know from my Intuition that’s in a substance-like form in my mind into Spanish or Spanglish language (I’m from a mainly Spanish and Spanglish speaking country). Most people that I teach are receptive to what I have to say and actually understand and learn in those teaching moments.


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