Preaching styles.

As an INTJ, I like to be innovative in everything I do (at least to myself). Preaching is no different. The typical Evangelic Pentecostal preacher is:

  1. A screamer.
  2. Tends to be able to cite bible verses easily.
  3. They don’t seem to show complexity and higher education knowledge in their sermons,
  4. The only two acceptable sources are the Bible and the Dictionary.

I want to bring innovative content that blows their mind with a distinctive style to match. Between the first and second time that I preached in the church, I decided to explicitly determine in my mind what I wanted my preaching style to be by expressing in terms of practical examples.

  1. Preaching style. Dun! It’s a sermon!
  2. TedTalk. This in the preaching world is a weird perspective. What I like about Ted Talks is that the people that talk are experts in their field or experience and the authority that that gives them allows them to not have to shout during their talks. They also use Power Point Presentations with key words, phrases or images. This is what I want to incorporate in my preaching style. It also means that a sermon takes longer to form.
  3. Health Education. This is obvious too, given that I am a Health Education Specialist. I want the sermons to have a health education component where my sermons can be a catalyst to behavior change in the audience that I’m preaching to. I want to promote spiritual and mental health in a practical way.
  4. There was a fourth element to this, but I have forgotten this since I made the analysis. Probably has to do with excellent oratory.

Planning for a sermon always start with what has not been said about a specific verse by other preachers. It usually means that my sermon always starts by saying that the perspective of the pastor and other preachers are not complete (no perspective ever is). I always try to incorporate what someone else in church has stated as a starting point for what I want to bring. After this I use every source at my disposal to elaborate an intricate and complex, but one that is easily understandable.


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