INTJ and Leadership.

As an INTJ, being in the leadership position is… something that I feel that I’m capable of doing well, but if someone else is doing a capable job I will be content to follow. One thing that I have to note is that my leadership qualities and skills hasn’t really been exposed. I haven’t had much opportunity to show that I am capable of it. This quality is hidden from the outside world because of my introversion. Another thing to note is that leaders (especially in my church) do not know much about the theory of leadership, much less celebrate and promote the different types of leaders that exists in the kingdom of God.

The second thing that I have to note is that when I see or perceive that leadership is being incompetent, I tend to call the incompetence for what it is. I also tend to expose my hidden quality of needing to intervene as a leader with the purpose of reversing the effects of incompetent leadership. It seems to others that I have a desire to conquer the world like a dictator (this might seem true, but the reality in my mind is somewhat different). Because I am an INTJ, I collect all the data that a situation has to offer and think the situation through my intuition to see what the situation is, what patterns emerge, what could happen because of it, and what can be done to change the probability of any and all negative outcomes. So when I speak up about incompetent leadership, I do it after a long analysis process with evidence-based conclusions.

This fact seems to be… unknown to other people to the point that when certain situations arise the other people’s reactions are negative in nature. When I said to my church’s youth group leader that she was showing incompetence as a leader and that I wouldn’t fear doing a type of “golpe de estado” (didn’t find a good translation to English for this phrase) to prevent the youth group of my church from disappearing, she reacted by excluding me from any leadership role in the youth group. Just to clarify, I have been in this youth group for 9 years, I have been the most loyal of my generation, and I am the only one that has the experience and the optimum age to provide at least 5 years of service as a leader in the youth group.

Who am I as a leader? I can’t tell you concretely. What I can say is that I don’t want to follow what is expected in my church for a leader to be: an authoritarian dictatorship non-replication believing type of leadership.I want to be better than that, yet I don’t necessarily know how. All I know is that I have in my personality what it takes to be a great leader, it just need a ecological niche to be activated.


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