Am I still loyal to the youth group from my church?

In the last year and a half, the leadership of the youth group has done a excellent job at alienating me from having a say in any decisions, even if it has to do with music. This has made me start to question the certainty of my loyalty to the youth group of my church. I have been loyal for 10 years to the youth group of my church, even when I wanted to run away.

I went through adolescence thinking that I was going to be like the “young adults” of my day who got the best parts of plays, devotionals, preaching, and administrative positions; but now that I am at that stage the paradigm changed and those who has less than 3 years or that are the leaders are getting the best parts in the youth group, which leaves me out. Not fair. Now the youth group activities are just stress and social and administrative exclusion. The leaders expect me to do grunt work but I can’t expect them to honor me for my time in the youth group. I am opting out of things that I used to do without question because the circumstances have changed.


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