Seeing God as a Health Educator.

As an INTJ, I like to take the knowledge that I gain from my formal and informal education and apply it in other areas of my life, including my quest to know God. During my time studying my Master’s in Public Health Education, God showed me how he applied the theory that I was learning in different situations in the Bible. After my second trimester, I began to see God as a Health Educator. As I analyzed different parts of the Bible, I began to see that God did individual, group, and community health education interventions with the Israelites and with Christians. I started to realize how important the Health Education profession was in the church.

When I started to incorporate what I was learning in my master’s degree in how I worked in my church, I found a certain degree of resistance and a rejection of the value that my professional opinion brought. It’s not surprising, because the culture doesn’t really promote the incorporation of your profession to your ministry. It’s a problem, because it restricts people’s effectiveness in the church. For me, as a Christian INTJ, it is paramount that who I am, what I stand for, and what I think is manifested in every area of my life. It’s important to me to give my everything to God, that includes my professional expertise.

I believe that if God uses Health Education theory in His work with Christians and Jews alike, then I should be able to use my profession in my work in the church, and the church should not only accept it but promote it.


2 thoughts on “Seeing God as a Health Educator.

  1. That’s an interesting idea. How did you try incorporating the two, and how was it resisted?

    I have recently started to help out with the children’s ministry, as I discovered that children hold a large place in my heart, even though God hasn’t blessed us with any yet. That, and our church really needs help there – there’s about twice as many kids as there are adults, and there’s always a few women expecting. It seems that my horrible experience growing up has caused me to be very protective of children, and I want to protect their light and innocence from the harsh reality of the real world.

    My degree is in mathematics, and I work at a software company as tech support, which is about as far from kids as one can get, unfortunately. I’m in the middle of trying to figure out where my heart truly lies, and where it is that God wants me, instead of where I want to be.


  2. I view the church as an institution that promotes spiritual health. I made suggestions in the Sunday School Department, but the Director didn’t seem to value everything that I was providing. Also, in the adolescent branch of the youth group of my church I started to redact the SMART objectives that were used for the plan of action, but no one gave it the importance that it really had and therefore was discarded. I feel that my perspective has value in my church, yet the leadership of my church don’t see the value or just don’t want me to be a part of administrative decisions when I have the professional background to do so.


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