Spiritual Gifts Assessment.

Yesterday I took the Spiritual Gifts Assessment from http://elmertowns.com/?page_id=203. These were my results:

  1. Prophecy: 27%
  2. Administration: 67%
  3. Helper: 62%
  4. Mercy Shower: 55%
  5. Teaching: 77%
  6. Evangelism: 0%
  7. Exhortation: 87%
  8. Shepherding: 45%
  9. Giving: 20%

For me, it’s interesting because the areas where I scored the highest are the areas that I have the least opportunity to develop because leaders believe that my involvement in the music ministry is enough participation for me in a church service. There is this impression that a musician should not be promoted to become more than a musician. I don’t believe that. God has shown me that this idea is wrong and that it limits a musician from fulfilling their potential. I’m wondering if showing these results to the Pastor of my church will make a difference in the development of these gifts.


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