Problems are solved by talking?

There is this common saying that I hear often:

Problems are solved by talking.

My experience, as I probably stated before, is that talking makes problems more complicated. Because of this, I don’t talk. I hold things inside and suffer them in silence in order to not put myself in overly tense and conflict ridden situations (like an INTJ and a White Personality [according to Dr. Hartman Color Code]). Maybe I’m not necessarily thinking about it correctly. I know that the saying is wrong because it implies that talking solves the problem easily or without conflict. What if the “spirit” of the saying is true but what is being said is not. How could the saying can be rewritten to be more useful, more realistic, and more accepted without questioning? What will it look like?

  1. Problems are not solved by talking, but talking is a method to solve problems if used correctly?
  2. Problems are solved as a culmination of the problem-solving process?
  3. Problems are solved by people that want the problems to be solved and reach an agreement of how it can be solved?

I don’t know what will the saying look like. All I can do is what I have always done: ask questions and wait for God to show me the way.


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