Lessons learned from the music situation.

With the whole music situation, which as you will see it wasn’t all bad, I learned some important lessons:

  1. The process of becoming a leader does not happen by people getting what they want right off the bat. Whoever doesn’t go through this process becomes a monster in the church who gives everyone else a hard time (something that could have been prevented with a good mentor).
  2. My church has shown that they have no ability to form leaders, only monsters. Shame, because my church isn’t capable of developing people and using it’s resources efficiently.
  3. For a musicians, the process of becoming a musician is to start playing a non-essential instrument and absorbing the good things that are to learn from the environment. When God determines that you are proven ready, the promotion will come. That takes years, though.
  4. God will not promote anyone to a position that is already taken if the person who is in that position isn’t promoted to something greater (where they will be more efficient).
  5. People should, at some point, realize the benefits of going through hardships; of the lessons and the character that is gained in the process.
  6. Being taken under someone’s wing (at least in my church) is a privilege. For someone that cannot become a leader without constant direction, it is a must. For someone that is more independent, the mentor idea seems to not be necessary at all but it is important to make process more efficient.
  7. Talking makes things more complicated, but if I see that something is wrong and no one does anything about it I shouldn’t wait for it to become worse to speak up.

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