How God teaches me.

For me, it is necessary to have things be congruent in both the Bible and what I see from my formal and informal education before I accept it as fact. God knows that and uses it to teach me important lessons about Him. So God’s teaching moments are preceded by long periods of research and long periods of internalizing the information unconsciously. Sometimes God teaches first through the Bible and my experience and then confirms it through experts in the different fields that I research or learn from. Other times the process is inverted: God first shows me what experts says or what is the secular knowledge and then confirms it through the Bible. It is a different process than what is approved and/or promoted in the church, but it is an understanding and the method through which God teaches me.

I have to be clear that I don’t doubt God or what He teaches me. The lack of true acceptance of a conclusion as true in my mind comes from the fact that God gave me, through the process of self discovery that He took me through in my adolescence, a auto didactic approach to understanding myself, the world, and God. Because of issues regarding my upbringing, I learned to not take anything that comes out of my mental analysis as true or acceptable. God, who knows all, has worked with this perception to show that I shouldn’t doubt the results of the process because the judgement of other people (family, classmates, church people, etc.) is wrong in His eyes. I’m learning that, but God knows that I like the security in the teaching method and the weight that it brings to arguments that I make.

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