It’s been a long day.

The situation that I explained in the previous posts made me feel that my position and my safety in my music ministry is threatened without justification. My father, the keyboard player of the church, intervened in the situation by talking to the pastor when the co-pastor, through his daughter, texted  an implicit “screw you, I’m getting what I want because I’m me!”. The pastor agreed with what we were both presenting and made the decision to void the co-pastor’s command. So because of the pastor’s intervention I ended up playing the drums today after all.

Playing the drums was a sign of triumph, but I am nervous because the co-pastor has a lot of roles in the church and I don’t want to be negatively affected in those other areas by his power. What my father said was that the situation was more complicated than what was seen from the co-pastor in this one incident (something that I already knew). This probably means that I still need to make serious decisions about how I’ll go about my work in the church.

Today has been a day where I felt anger, frustration, sadness, and nervousness. I am still not at peace. The big issue has not been solved. I hope that this doesn’t last much longer, because this has been a really long day.


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