My Silence: It ain’t a bad thing. Deal with it!

I don’t necessary think that all introverts are silent a larger sum of time than speaking, but for me I am silent in most social situations. A great deal of the time other people don’t say anything about my silence. There are times, though, that people complain that I’m too silent. It doesn’t matter that my silence is attributable to other people talking. My silence is wrong. My silence is sometimes scary to other people because some think that I’m plotting something against them (I’m one of the church pranksters, which can bias the results).

The funny thing is that most of the time I’m either just listening to what other’s are talking or I’m just putting thoughts together in an order that I think is right (or questioning whether I should state my thoughts). I’m not plotting anything evil. I’m not (always) ignoring them. My silence ain’t a bad thing. Yet a lot of people just can’t stand it.

Why can’t they just keep talking? I’m listening to you just fine. Why can’t they give me the time to form my thoughts so that it can make sense to them? Apparently, the only thing that matters is that I speak when they want me to and not the quality of what I say.

What do I want to say to those in my life that give me this reaction when I’m silent? My Silence: It ain’t a bad thing. Deal with it!


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