When I lobbied a personality test in my church.

When I started to lobby for the youth group members of my church to take a personality test, my intentions were to see whether the leadership of the church was using their human resources in an efficient manner. I learned these lessons:

  1. I didn’t obtain a very high response rate because my ability to influence people isn’t high in the church. Apparently musicians aren’t very influential people in a church. So I used the influence of one of the youth group leaders to try to get more people to answer the test.
  2. I found out that out of the few of us that took the personality test I’m the only Analyst.
  3. The church isn’t using their human resources efficiently. No surprise there.
  4. It doesn’t matter that the suspicions that led me to do this lobbying were confirmed. Speaking up about it will not change their course of action because the high leadership want to use the flaws that people have to their advantage.

It’s a shame, though, because if my youth group can increase their efficiency in their human resources it can have a bigger impact in and out of the church.


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